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Selasa, 29 September 2009

Animalcoffee - Kopi Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

Kopi MahaRaja adalah penjual di Indonetwork yang menjual Gene Cafe kopi luwak Coffee Roaster di Indonesia.

Based in Indonesia we have been supplying genuine wild collected kopi luwak from Sumatra, Java and Bali since 2002. Our kopi luwak is sourced directly from coffee plantations as luwak scats (droppings) so there is no ambiguity regarding the authenticity of our coffee beans and we are the ONLY source of natural, unprocessed kopi luwak.
Animalcoffee was consulted by Warner Brothers for the movie The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman
Animalcoffee Gift Boxes featured in the 2006 Emmy Award Celebrity Gift Bags
Animalcoffee Gift Boxes are currently on display in the new COFFEE section of the Eden Project in the U.K.
Animalcoffee is a proud supplier of coffee to the Baron De Gagarin of Monaco and Urban Fare Gourmet Supermarket
Animalcoffee regularly supplies kopi luwak to Canada's Guelph University for research purposes

Animalcoffee Kopi Luwak Gift Boxes make ideal gifts.
Our range of Kopi Luwak Gift Boxes include a beautifully finished presentation box hand crafted from Indonesia teak, freshly roasted kopi luwak (ALL orders are roasted to order, we do not keep stock of roasted coffee beans), a sample of raw/ unprocessed kopi luwak in a block of lucite and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Animalcoffee also offers Kopi Luwak Coffee Pouches and Raw Kopi Luwak Pouches in a variety of sizes.kopi luwak coffee from Indonesia in Oprah Show

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